Picture 34

After Lew died in 1998, I did a series of pen and ink drawings as my self-prescribed art therapy. In 1999 I met Chris Hammond, editor of the Wayne E. Oates Institute Online Journal. I had previously met Chris on-line. The night before I first met Chris in person I had done what I knew to be the last of the drawings in the series – a drawing of Jesus. When I showed the drawings to Chris, he asked if I would allow them to be shown at WEOI. It took me a month to write the article and eleven months to let it go into the world.  I’d love to share it with you.

The article can be seen at http://www.oates.org.  Click on “journal” and then on “article archives.”  From the pull down list, choose “volume 4” and you will see the article listed there.  It contains most of the drawings of the series and many words describing how using art helped me in dealing with my grief in the first year after my son’s death.

A simpler way to find the article is to search for “Cherry Winkle Moore” but, while you there, explore the Wayne Oates On-Line Journal and other resources.