Voices inside and out tell me to make plans about retiring. I do feel that a season of my life is ending but I also find that I am looking for a new, a next challenge.

I’ve been telling God: “I’m single, I’m healthy, and I’m available to You. Where do You want me to go?” In August of 2012 the answer was “how about ten days in Panama?”  I went with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel Sue Smith to co-lead a retreat for the wives of Baptist pastors on the Las Blas Archipelago off the northeast coast of Panama. We led numerous other programs there among the Kuna Indians.

Last year I also participated in the first part of the year-long discernment process that CBF offers for possible future full time field personnel.  I learned so much. My esteem for these servant s of God and the Global Mission staff has skyrocketed.

All the mission trips I remember hearing about have been two weeks or less. I learned  there are part time mission assignments of varying lengths: one to six months.  This new information has been eye-opening. I also learned that there are people who consider their stateside job as a way to fund their “mission habit.” Maybe you are one of them.

I may not know exactly where and when I am going next but I met the person at CBF who coordinates short term service. Go to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship website.  Click on Missions.  Click on Serve.  You will find a long list of places of possible service. If one of them tugs at your heart, follow the directions there about how to apply. For most short term opportunities you will be connected to Chris Boltin who will tell you know to get involved. He’ll even help arrange your travel.

Where might God want YOU to go next? Maybe I’ll see you there!