Altered Book Workshop

Altered Book / Spiritual Journal Workshop

Instructor: Cherry Winkle Moore, MFA, MDiv

During this workshop you will learn many techniques for altering a book and turning it into a personal spiritual journal. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this activity.

Bring a hardback bound book that you are willing to radically change. Bring a book in which the pages are sewn in and not merely glued. An ideal size is 8 ½” X 11” but somewhat larger or smaller would work. Choose a size that is comfortable for you. Some people find somewhat slick paper easier to work with.

The topic of the book doesn’t matter but some of the things we will do benefit from the book being about a topic in which you have an interest. The book may or may not have photographs. Consider a book on your bookshelf that you haven’t opened in years or purchase a book at a thrift store. Cherry always brings extra books that will be available to you.

There is a Facebook page with additional information and photographs at Altered Books/Spiritual Journal.

All supplies will be covered in the workshop cost. Cost is usually less the $50 per person depending on travel costs and whether or not lunch is provided by the host organization.

An ideal group size is 10-20.

Contact Cherry for a price estimate for your location.

Altered Book Examples

Workshop Photos