Cherry Winkle Moore, MFA, MDiv

Minister of Fine Arts

Making Divine Images Visible

Cherry Winkle Moore is a visual artist and a hospice chaplain. Cherry has a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, drawing and printmaking from the University of Alabama. Later she completed a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in pastoral care. Cherry sometimes says that in her case the MFA stands for Minister of Fine Arts and the MDiv stands for Making Divine Images Visible.

Cherry has a son, Judson, who is a Citizen of the World. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kyrgyzstan) and has traveled widely. You can read about his adventures at Her other son, Lew, lives in Heaven.

Cherry was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2000 by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana and is endorsed as a hospice chaplain by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Although Cherry is employed by Hospice Brazos Valley in Bryan, Texas the views expressed here are her own and not those of the agency or of any agency or of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with the agency.

Matthew 14:22-33; Jesus Walks on Water and Calms the Storm

 St. Thomas Episcopal Church, College Station, Texas - August 10, 2014 Artist-In-Residence Program. Cherry Moore, artist MEDITATION ON THE TEXT I read Matthew 14:22-33; Jesus Walks on the Water and Calms the Storm Silence ACTIVITY I introduced the idea of a line being...

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Matthew 14:13-21 The Feeding of the 5000

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, College Station, Texas - August 3, 2014 Artist-In-Residence Program. Cherry Moore, Artist. MEDIATION ON THE TEXT I read the text -  Matthew 14:13-21 Silence I said: "Don't answer out loud but think about these questions: Are we told what...

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Deliverance – A painting

A cancer patient shared a dream with me. He said he was in bed asleep next to his wife when he became aware that the bed had turned into quicksand and he felt himself sinking. Just as he was about to take his last breath before drowning, a bird came down and lifted...

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Lessons from a blade of grass

Today I was told to take a walk, notice something and listen to what it might say to me. I knew I would find something and draw it but I wasn’t sure what. The landscape seemed fairly barren to me. I noticed some tall grass, gone to seed, that needed to be mowed. One...

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Retirement or Missions? Some thoughts and learnings

Voices inside and out tell me to make plans about retiring. I do feel that a season of my life is ending but I also find that I am looking for a new, a next challenge. I’ve been telling God: “I’m single, I’m healthy, and I’m available to You. Where do You want me to...

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What I Know

There is a sense in which everything important that I know, I know because of Lew and Judson: Because of my sons I know pain and joy I know the fellowship of suffering and the comradeship of advocacy I know to appreciate typical childhood development I know that...

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Panama 2012: Prayer “cures” motion sickness

Something I learned years before while walking a labyrinth saved me from motion sickness in Panama in the summer of 2012. On our first full day in Panama Sue Smith and I accompanied the Virginia Latino Network Mission Team into the Kuna islands off the northeast coast...

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Poem: Laity Lodge Artist Retreat 2011

This retreat was led by Ian Cron and Luci Shaw. On Saturday morning we were given a time of silence with the instructions to go to water. Look at water. Listen to water. Here’s some of what I heard and saw and thought during that time.

Later when many of us shared what we had written or thought or (in one case) filmed, someone said, “Never doubt the power of the artist prompt”. I don’t think I will any more.

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