Picture 21


*  God never left me in the past nor will God leave me now.  God is present and faithful; doing all that God can do.

*  The people I need to help me will be (or already are) in my life.

*  I already have everything I need in order to be happy.

*  I will be grateful every day for each day’s blessings.

*  I will use expressive means to deal with my feelings.  I will draw or journal or write a poem or song.  I will open myself up to receive God’s messages through many means and share what I receive with others as appropriate.

*  I will pay attention to my dreams and visions.

*  I will look for the breakthrough of God’s glory.

*  I will practice self care.

*  I will go on retreat even if the time I have is short.  I will practice long, silent listening to God.

*  I will be able in the future to put this current crisis in the center of my focus and see all the ways God has supported me and opened doors.  I will get to the other side of this.  God who rescued us from so deadly a peril will deliver us again.  (II Corinthians 1:3-11)