The Twenty-Third Psalm: A personal version - Chaplain

The Lord is my chaplain.

I shall not lack comfort.

He makes me rest in the palm of his hand.

He leads me to quiet bedsides and to noisy nursing homes.

He refreshes my mind and spirit.

He leads me to the next patient for the sake of his glory.

Yea, though I walk through pain and sorrow filled with feelings of inadequacy

I will fear no evil for you are with me.

Your love and your grace reassure me.

You prepare a blessing for me in the presence of my patients.

You anoint my mind with peace.

My sense of well-being overflows.

Surely your comfort and your presence shall fill all the days of my life

And I shall rest in the shadow of your wings forever.

Cherry Winkle Moore February 2010

Image of Cherry Winkle Moore
Cherry Winkle Moore

Cherry Winkle Moore is a visual artist and a retired hospice chaplain. Cherry has a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, drawing and printmaking from the University of Alabama. Later she completed a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in pastoral care. Cherry sometimes says that in her case the MFA stands for Minister of Fine Arts and the MDiv stands for Making Divine Images Visible.

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