I attended a spiritual retreat sometime in the 90s. At the first meeting the retreat leader passed out index cards.

Each one had a different scripture reference. “Throughout this retreat these verses will be ‘yours.’ Whenever we have quiet times, meditate on these verses.”

My verses were Ephesians 3: 14-17. During the weekend this image developed. It was pencil sketches then and later became this acrylic painting.

Key phrases from the passage are:

“Rooted and grounded in love.”

This person is kneeling and from the knees down their legs are roots.

“Strengthened in the inner person”

This person is becoming strong at their core, growing up and out.

“Filled with the Spirit of God.”

Artists have often depicted the Holy Spirit as a white bird.

The verses don’t mention the fruit of the Spirit but I painted fruit on this tree. I figure that if a person is nourished by love, growing in grace and filled with the Spirit, fruit will be present.