Cherry Winkle Moore, MFA, MDiv

Minister of Fine Arts

Making Divine Images Visible

Cherry Winkle Moore is a visual artist and a hospice chaplain. Cherry has a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, drawing and printmaking from the University of Alabama. Later she completed a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in pastoral care. Cherry sometimes says that in her case the MFA stands for Minister of Fine Arts and the MDiv stands for Making Divine Images Visible.

Cherry has a son, Judson, who is a Citizen of the World. He is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kyrgyzstan) and has traveled widely. You can read about his adventures at Her other son, Lew, lives in Heaven.

Cherry was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2000 by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Alexandria, Louisiana and is endorsed as a hospice chaplain by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Although Cherry is employed by Hospice Brazos Valley in Bryan, Texas the views expressed here are her own and not those of the agency or of any agency or of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with the agency.

Recent Spiritual Practice

In my last post I wrote about seeking a personal spiritual practice. This post is about what I am actually doing now. The real point is to lead a life faithful to God – whatever pattern for prayer is used. I pray you will find – and use – a pattern for prayer and devotion that works for you.

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Seeking a Daily Spiritual Practice

For years I have admired people who have a set spiritual practice. I don’t admire people who brag about this, of course, but rather people who – as I get to know them and the authenticity of their life – I learn about what they do as a regular spiritual practice. Recently my own spiritual life is being transformed. Let me tell you about it.

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The Worst Loss

Some thoughts about “The Worst Loss”. I’m told I have experienced it but I wonder…

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Experiencing the Feminine Characteristics of God

Both my mother and one of my sons were declining in 1993.
I went on a spiritual retreat where God’s comforting, nurturing presence met me.
A few years later this painting resulted. What does God look like in your imagination?

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Personal Praise History

Have you noticed that many of the Psalms recite the history of the people of Israel? These hymns were used to remind the people of God’s action in their lives. Some of these Psalms are: 78, 105, 106, 114 and there are others.

I was challenged to write my own Praise History and to reread it often. I have found this to be a rich experience and I recommend it to you.

Here’s mine. What would yours be like?

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Visual Biography

For a long time I’ve been trying to figure out how to use painting and/or drawing to tell my story and the story of God’s action in my life. Here is a new way that I have done this recently.

If you have an audience and a large dry erase board, I have markers! Maybe we should get together.

(Note there where I wrote “Psalm 16:9” I should have written “Proverbs 16:9.”)

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The Twenty-Third Psalm: A personal version – Chaplain

Writing a personal version of the 23rd Psalm was assigned in Week Three of Disciple’s Prayer Life, a study many of us at First Baptist Church in College Station, Texas are doing this spring of 2010. T.W. Hunt who wrote the study guide was a seminary professor. His example begins, “The Lord is My Professor.” I have found the process of writing my own to be rich and fascinating. I recommend it to you.

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