Cherry Winkle Moore, MFA, MDiv

Minister of Fine Arts
Making Divine Images Visible

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Still life

Bread and Wine

I thought I had finished this painting in 2007 but then I realized that the right background was not complete. I put it aside for several years. In 2020 I...
Still life

Lunch Alone

Some days lunch by oneself can be lonely but not today. This was the first painting I did during the Pandemic of 2020 after a couple of years of not...


I've been an avid journaler all my life. A number of my thoughts, experiences, and poems are posted on the blog.


Ann's Fountain: Poem written at Laity Lodge, 2011

Artist’s Retreat, 2011. Ian Cron asked us to go experience water and come back in about twenty minutes. This happened. It’s taken me six years to share it. ANN’S FOUNTAIN...

"Rooted and Grounded" - A Painting

I attended a spiritual retreat sometime in the 90s. At the first meeting the retreat leader passed out index cards. Each one had a different scripture reference. “Throughout this retreat...

"Redemption" - The Story of a Painting

The Beginning of this Painting Every year in the week before Easter some churches in Houston sponsor an open art exhibit with a theme from the life of Christ. In...

"Where I'm From" - a Poem

I am from the King James Bible and the Singer Sewing Machine and the ‘52 Chevy. I am from the hand-built house with a smokey fireplace, an outhouse, a grand...

A "Lost" Painting is Found

This painting was “lost” to me for 41 years. I painted it in 1974 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I was a graduate student in the Fine Arts Department. When we...

FIRE: a poem by Judy Sorum Brown and a book page of mine

A couple of years ago I took a page in a book called Creativity by Matthew Fox and made a “found word” poem. Story is fire, heat, warm, food. Creativity...

Matthew 15:10-28; What defiles a person

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, College Station, Texas - August 17, 2014 Artist -In-Residence Program, Cherry Moore, artist MEDITATION ON THE TEXT I read the text through twice with silence in...
Hospice Stories

Some Thoughts on Hope and Mary

We hope. We don’t have to give up hope but sometimes our hopes have to change. Mary probably hoped to marry Joseph, have some children and have a quiet life...