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Learning From Lew

I Want: A Poem Prompt

I WANT I WANT I WANT I SEEM TO BE BUT REALLY I AM OH, HOW I WANT………….!! This week, in July of 2009, I found this poem prompt among...
Learning From Lew

The Poem I Said I Would Never Write

Every mother of a child who is disabled has at least one poem in her about her child, about the smile, the radiance, the beauty, the joy, the gifts, the...
Learning From Lew


I have a son who has severe physical and mental disabilities and whose life is worth living. It is worth enriching and cherishing. Someone asked me: “When do you know...
Learning From Lew


The dreams parents have For their children Who have disabilities Are different as those parents And those children. One said to me: “I want more for my child Than the...
Hospice Stories

The Welcoming Committee

How do they know in heaven to gather at the gate? How does the word get spread: “Prepare yourself! She’s coming!” Watchers on this side wonder, “Why is she waiting?...

Life Plan: A Poem

LIFE PLAN:1972 “Mary Cassett had one Great Romance in her life – her art.” This would not have been said about a male artist Or if it had one could...